Digital Signage Boards for Offices and Buildings

  • Event Listings
  • Building Lobby Directories
  • Doctor Office Directories

Digital displays transform a drab list of names and suites into a colorful, dynamic and sophisticated graphic presentation on large display screens.

Office and building lobby directory boards are a perfect solution for any building or business:

Advertise, Promote, & Inform

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List tenants using their corporate logos and other corporate information.

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Eliminate the cost of updating & printing

Attractive displays with dynamic content

Weather, traffic, news, and wayfinding       capabilities

Videos, announcements, and Live TV 

Easily communicate updates in the case of a special even or emergency.

Dynamic digital signage building directories provide directional and navigational assistance to guests. Display suite numbers, meeting times, office locations, daily events and more.

Screen layouts and content updates can be managed from any remote location over the network. The digital signage software provides an easy to add, edit and publish new tenants and events.

Easy Updates | Remote Management

How does digital signage work?

Research for the right (signage) solution took about 2-3 weeks across 4-5 companies, but Mvix was the easiest system. The initial software demo was a breeze to navigate through.


                                                     - Brian Wright | AdMart

We are very satisfied with the overall solution and found it to be very user-friendly. The technical support has been remarkable and quick. The system has been really great so far and has exceeded all our expectations

                                  - Patrick Sheehan | Sheehan Vending

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